Team Lakeland UniversityTeam Lakeland University

  • Nanette Bulebosh
  • Abby Dahmer
  • Kate Laubenstein
  • Darcy Johnson
  • Heidi Rendall
  • Beta Fraternity

Since its founding in 1862, Lakeland University has brought people from diverse backgrounds together to learn, grow and shine.

So when a group of Lakeland graduates, employees and friends heard about the chance to form a team for this year's Gala to benefit Lakeland, they were all in.

The Lakeland team includes Lakeland graduates Nanette Bulebosh, Darcy Johnson and Heidi Rendall, Lakeland employee and current student Abby Dahmer and Lakeland friend and supporter Kate Laubenstein.

"Several of us have long been interested in dancing at the Gala after volunteering at it for a number of years," said Bulebosh, who received a bachelor's degree and master's from Lakeland. "We all responded to the call, and we didn't know each other had responded. We want to give back because most of us were in the same shoes of today's Lakeland students."

The group has a mixed background when it comes to dancing, but they're all motivated to do their best to raise some scholarship support for Lakeland students.

Bulebosh received dance instruction at Lakeland as a member of the school's theater productions.

Rendall, a Lakeland Alumni Ambassador who is the daughter, mother, sister and cousin of Lakeland graduates, was a member of the pompon team in college and enjoyed the routines and camaraderie. "I was awarded many scholarships in college, and the Gala provides me the opportunity to help a current student receive a well-deserved scholarship," Rendall said.

Johnson, director of finance and administration for Dynamic Solutions ( and an Alumni Ambassador, co-founded the dance team at Lakeland and was a cheerleader, in addition to playing on the first women's soccer team and serving as Lakeland's first female security guard. "I want to dance because I am forever a Muskie, love to dance and will do (almost) anything to help others," Johnson said.

Dahmer, a member of Lakeland's security team, was involved in show choir and all of the musicals staged by her high school. "This event is all about letting your personality shine in order to bring people together in a positive way for the greater good of our LU students," Dahmer said.

Laubenstein's husband, mother, grandparents, sister and aunt are all Lakeland grads. She's a registered nurse in orthopedics at Aurora Sheboygan Clinic, and is interested in living a healthier lifestyle and modeling it for others, especially her daughters. "Dancing is an awesome form of exercise," Laubenstein said.

Team Lakeland University's dance is choreographed by Molli Rasmussen.