Team RCS EmpowersTeam RCS Empowers

  • Martha VandeLeest
  • Monica Senkbeil
  • Lynn Justinger
  • Nikki Rieck
  • Dave Gass
  • Kris Dirkse
  • David Dirkse
  • Teri Strub
  • Jim Van Alstine
  • Steve Harrison
  • Kristi Formas
  • Michelle Bustamante
  • Mikayla Rieck
  • Joe Matz
  • Marlea Joa

Despite a rich history that traces back to the early 1950s, RCS is an important community organization that continues to do great work under the radar of many Sheboygan-area residents. RCS empowers individuals with disabilities and special needs so that they may work, live and function with dignity and respect.

"We've learned over time that unless someone is touched by RCS, we've been the best-kept secret in town," said Monica Senkbeil, RCS Sr. Vice President of Human Resources and Administration. "We want to make more people aware of who we are and what services we have to offer."

Taking the stage at the Weill Center for the Movers & Shakers Gala will allow the RCS Team to enjoy the spotlight and tell their story.

"This is really celebrating and creating and awareness of RCS, who we touch and the work we do," said RCS President Martha VandeLeest. "That's what we want our dance to represent."

The RCS team is made up of a microcosm of the community it serves and supports, and includes:

  • RCS staff members Martha VandeLeest, Monica Senkbeil, Lynn Justinger and Nikki Rieck
  • RCS board members Dave Gass, Kris Dirkse, Teri Strub, Jim Van Alstine and Steve Harrison
  • RCS participants Joe Matz and Marlea Joa
  • RCS friends David Dirkse, Kristi Formas, Michelle Bustamante, Mikki Payne

Elizabeth Perzewski, Holly Justinger, Mikayla Rieck, Trinity Bustamante, Allison Parmley and Christopher Parmley.

"We wanted our team to represent a complete community," VandeLeest said. "From our participants, staff and board members, to our volunteers, community supporters, and friends and family members of the people we support."

Since 2012, RCS has been located in the center of Sheboygan in what had been the former Plastics Engineering plant at 1607 Geele Ave.

The group is planning a flash mob, which will have people not only on stage, but in different places around the theater – much like the way RCS has a presence throughout the community.

"It'll be fun – that's our word, fun," Senkbeil said. "We're going to get the audience participating and hopefully we'll blow everyone's socks off."

Team RCS Empowers' dance is choreographed by Kristi Formas and Michelle Bustamante with assistance from Mikki Payne.