Diante MosesDiante Moses

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major/emphasis and Minor: Communication major and minor in business
Internships served: None.
Campus involvement: Black Student Union (BSU), Gentleman Of Virtue, Beta Sigma Omega fraternity, Lakeland football, Lakeland track.
Dream job: Motivational speaker, own my on non-profit organization.

Why did you decide to attend Lakeland University? There was nothing but negativity at home and the only way for me to be successful was to attend college.

What is one thing you want everyone to know about Lakeland University? Lakeland has great professors who are willing to help out students in every aspect of life.

How do you want to impact someone else's life as a young professional? I plan on having my own non-profit organization with a program based on motivating teens and influencing them to make the right choices in life.

How will the Gala scholarship impact your future? The Gala scholarship will help me get through college so that I can accomplish my dream. I want to help kids find their way in life because I experienced some of the same situations. This why I started my non-profit organization.