Jazmine TidwellJazmine Tidwell

Hometown: Racine,Wis.
Major: Marketing.
Involved in Global Student Association and dance/cheer team.
Dream job: Marketing consultant.
Why I came to Lakeland: I came to Lakeland because of the small campus and also the one-on-one help from professors.

What is one thing that you want everyone to know about Lakeland University?
I want everyone to know how Lakeland is a very welcoming place.

How do you want to impact someone else's life as a young professional?
I want to impact someone by having them reach their goals and never losing determination to get things done.

How will the Gala Scholarship impact your future?
It will impact my future a lot. Coming from a single-mother household and being the oldest, I want to be a good role model for my younger siblings so they, too, can reach their goals and become successful.

Jazmine is being supported by Gala dancer Lauren Schmitt.