Adam PayneAdam Payne

As he celebrates 20 years as Sheboygan County's chief administrative officer, Adam Payne has taken on numerous challenges and achieved many great accomplishments.

But dancing on the Weill Center stage in front of a room full of people is a whole new ball game!

"I'd been asked before and was flattered, but declined," Payne said. "The reason I said yes this time was I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. And when I learned it was the event's last year, I knew it was now or never."

Payne and his wife, Kris, enjoy dancing, but he has no formal dance background. He admits when he was interacting with the other dancers at the photo shoot and found that most had some dance experience, it was a little intimidating.

But this is a guy that's used to performing in the spotlight. As Sheboygan County administrator, Payne coordinates and directs the administrative and management functions of Sheboygan County's 19 departments, comprised of 847 employees, 200 programs and services and an annual budget of $149 million.

Outside of work, he's an active member of Sheboygan Rotary, the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce, Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, United Way Board of Directors and former president of the County Executives and Administrators Association. He has also coached youth sports and is an avid outdoorsman and sportsman.

Payne grew up in Stevens Point and went to college in Madison, but he feels fortunate to have lived in Sheboygan County, where his parents and grandparents have lived. Life for Payne is about making a positive impact, and he's pleased his involvement in the Gala is providing that opportunity.

"We had such a fun morning interviewing the students... there are so many neat kids," Payne said. "I'm also very humbled and flattered that someone would sponsor me to be part of this event. This is all for such a good cause."

Adam's professional dance partner is Pamela Cribbs.

Adam is dancing to support Danielle Chismarick.