Danielle ChismarickDanielle Chismarick

Grade: Junior
Hometown: Morris, Ill.
Major/emphasis: Hospitality management and business administration with an emphasis in human resources.
Internships served: Business with the LU Financial Aid department; Hospitality – Destination Kohler, indoor food & beverage service coordinator at Whistling Straits Golf Course.
Campus involvement: LU women's volleyball team, president and co-founder of the Change Matters organization, member of Hospitality Club, Financial Aid Student Advocate.
Dream job: Chief financial officer of a large corporation, a franchise restaurant owner of a tea house, or a professional public speaker.

Why did you decide to attend Lakeland University?
I decided to attend Lakeland University in order to continue my athletic career at the DIII level. I fell in love with the beauty of our campus right away. It was clear that the community was heavily involved within the university, and that was an immediate attraction. I also really enjoyed the small campus atmosphere. I like the feeling that everyone knows everyone.

What is one thing you want everyone to know about Lakeland University?
We have some of the most caring, genuine and inspirational professors that you will ever meet. They genuinely care about you as a student and as a person, and they are also seen as some leaders within the community. They are the perfect role models for our student body, and they are another type of support system that Lakeland has to offer its students. My professors are the reason that I am doing so well in my academic career and personal life, and I could not thank you them enough for everything that they have done for me.

How do you want to impact someone else's life as a young professional?
As a young professional, I am constantly analyzing myself and adjusting my goals for the future. By having the confidence to lead others, I put myself in a leadership and role model position. One of my long-term goals is to start a non-profit organization within Sheboygan County to help fund secondary education. I feel that finances are the largest impact on anyone's life, and if I can help lift that burden from another student, then I will know that I have impacted their life, as the Movers and Shakers Gala Scholarship has impacted mine.

How will the Gala scholarship impact your future?
The Gala scholarship will impact my future by allowing me to finish my senior year at Lakeland. I won't have to take out any outside loans for this upcoming year, which will save me financially in the long-run. I also see that this scholarship will impact my future because it has allowed me to start networking within the community, and the ability to connect and relate to those around you is something that I take very personal.

Danielle is being supported by Gala dancer Adam Payne.